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Encouraging healthy habits for your child can resonate with them for the rest of their life. Proper brushing starts with the parent, caregiver, or healthcare professional, and can be fun and educational all at the same time.

When is a good time to start brushing your child's teeth?

Usually, the first teeth to erupt are the bottom two front teeth, and should be cleared from milk or food before bedtime. To do so, wipe the teeth with water on a wet gauze or something soft enough as to not irritate the gums. The more you are clearing the oral cavity for the child, the more they will get used to it and in turn, brushing their teeth as they get older should be an easier task for the parent!

Ideally, as the child develops more teeth, the parent should be involved in the process and develop good habits with the child. A child sized toothbrush can be used as soon as teeth erupt and if the parent is able to efficiently brush the child's teeth. Cavities are of main concern for a parent, so being diligent in your child's routine are crucial in their young years. Children do not have the dexterity to adequately clear their teeth, and help is needed sometimes even for a 5/6/7 year old!

The proper brushing routine:

Every morning and every night teeth should be brushed for a full two minutes. This time frame does not always guarantee a job well done, so the parent should take a moment to check. Sometimes plaque (soft debris) can be left where the tooth meets the gum, and if there long enough, can cause the gums to be irritated and become inflamed. A great trick is to put the teeth edge to and edge and brush in large, soft circles, which will incorporate the gum line into the action. Don’t forget the chewing surfaces as well as the "inside" of the teeth. All surfaces need to be cleared for a healthy mouth. If your child's teeth are very close together, flossing is indicated! They make children's floss on little handles so that it is easy enough for the parent to help with the process. 

A healthy mouth at a young age can be crucial in a child's life and set them up for success. No parent wants their child to experience a cavity, and proper brushing and flossing will offer many benefits for the years to come.

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