Native American Headband craft

Thanksgiving is almost here! Here is a cute, fun and easy craft I did with my students. My students and I were super excited on how cute the headbands came out. This month we learned a lot about Thanksgiving and all the things we are thankful for. During this craft we discussed more about the Native Americans and I also incorporated shapes into this craft too! 

1. First gather your materials. You'll need a few sheets of different colored construction paper, glue, scissors, markers and a stapler.

2. Cut out a 1 ½-inch wide strip of construction paper that's long enough to go around your child's head. I did two versions of the headbands, one for my toddler and one for my preschooler.  For my toddlers I drew different shapes on the headband.  For my preschooler I cut different shapes using the scraps of the construction paper so that my preschooler can glue it on to her headband.

3. Have your toddler color their headband to their liking and if you have a preschooler have them glue the shapes to their liking as well.

4. While they color and glue make your feathers. For the feathers cut a piece of construction paper and fold in half. While keeping the paper folded, cut diagonal slits all along the paper to create fringes. I chose to make my feathers rather then buy them. You'd be surprise how hard it is to find feathers! You'll find them at arts and craft stores like Ac Moore and Michael's but sometimes those stores are a far drive.

5. Paste your feathers on the back of your headband. 

6. Cut two strips of paper and staple them to the sides of the headband this is needed to fit around your child's head. 

7. Lastly measure the headband around your child's head. Staple the headband to fit your child's head. Trim off any excess length.

8. Pose for fun pictures:)

Now pose !

Now pose !